Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kellog Nature Center leps 6/22/13

Kellog Nature Center butterflies, 6/22/13: profuse milkweed blossoms
Skipper, maybe a Poanes, 6/22/13 Kellog Center

Lucky, the albino squirrel, 6/22/13, Kellog Center

Lucky, again

Skipper, maybe Poanes, 6/22/13 Kellog Ctr 

Below, more butterflies from the Kellog Nature Center Gardens in Derby, CT on 6/22/13;
Zabulon Skipper,  Ventral male,   Kellog Nature Center, 6/22/13

Great Spangled Fritillary, Kellog Nature Center, 6/22/13

Great Spangled Fritillary, Kellog Nature Center, 6/22/13

Dorsal male Zabulon Skipper, Kellog Nature Ctr, 6/22/13

dorsal male Zabulon Skipper, Kellog Nature Ctr, 6/22/13

worn Little Wood-Satry, Kellog Nature Ctr, 6/22/13

Shell Ave PIPLs 6/22/13

Now 16 days old, the 3 Shell Ave PIPL are getting stronger and faster under the watchful eyes of the parents:
16 day old PIPL Shell Ave, 6/22/13

Male tending chicks, 6/22/13, Shell Ave

16-day-old PIPL, 6/22/13 Shell Ave

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PIPLs Shell Ave, 6/19/13

Shell Ave PIPL chicks/hatchlings, now 15 days old:
PIPL chick, one of 3, Shell Ave, 6/19/13

PIPL chick/hatchling 15 days old, 6/19/13, Shell Ave

PIPL hatchling 15 days old Shell Ave, 6/19/13

Monday, June 17, 2013

6/17/13 PIPL 23 days old at Mlfd Pt; 13 days Shell Ave

A few photos of PIPL hatchlings/chicks, now, on 6/17, almost 2 weeks old (born 6/4).  One chick exercising its minuscule wing.  Below, the chick/hatchling at Milford Point, 10 days older, for comparison.

A few pictures of a chick/hatchling at the beginning of the Francis Street spit at Milford Point on 6/17/13.  Probably born on May 26th.  Also bonus shot of AMOY hatchling, getting big, with LETE flying next to him.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Leps from this spring

Eastern Tailed Blue, Eisenhower Park, 6/23/13

American Toad, Eisenhower Park, 6/23/13

Twelve-spotted Skimmer, male, 6/18/13 Eisenhower Park

Twelve-spotted Skimmer, 6/18/13, Eisenhower Park

Dorsal female Zabulon Skipper
A few photos of leps from this cold, wet spring:
Little Wood Satyr, Eisenhower Park

Zabulon Skipper, Eisenhower Park

White-striped Black, Eisenhower Park

Peck's Skipper, Land Trust, New Haven

White-striped Black

Zabulon, dorsal male

Pearl Crescent, 6/1/13

Viceroy, 6/1/13, NH Land Trust

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle, Palisades, State Line

Long Dash, 6/15/13 Eisenhower Park
17 year Periodical Cicada, Palisades, Stateline

Common Whitetail,  female, Eisenhower Park 6/15/12

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle

Red-banded Hairstreak, Eisenhower Park, 6/15/13

Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Red Knots, White-rumped Sandpipers, PIPL

Red Knot (Calidrus canutus) and White-rumped Sandpiper (Calidrus fuscicollis) at Francis Street spit of Milford Point of 12 June 13.  Both species are unusual during most of June in this location, and they were feeding together near NE edge of spit where Horseshoe Crabs had been laying eggs, a crucial food for Red Knot and probably WRSA.  Most of the WRSAs had the usual orange brown at the base of the lower mandible, not not all of them (there were at least 3, but most likely 5 WRSAs).

Ring-billed Gull joins WRSA and Red Knot, for size comparison

PIPL chick, lower left corner, Francis St spit 6/12/13, prob born 5/26/13, so 18 days old

PIPL chick, cryptic, Francis St spit

PIPL digging deep

Red Knot, note serrated bill

Francis St spit, guarding chicks

left, WRSA, contrast with bird on right, both WRSAs by primary projection, overall structure

REKN and WRSA 6/12/13 Francis St spit

2 WRSAs,  REKN  6/12/13 Francis St spit

WRSA, all dark bill, but long primary projection