Monday, June 29, 2015

Hickory Hairstreaks, Eisenhower Park soccer field, 6/29/15

Are these hairstreaks at the soccer field next to Eisenhower Park (6/29/15) Hickory?

Acadian Hairstreak, 6/29/15 Naugatuck Industrial Park

A few photos of an Acadian Hairstreak, 6/29/15, at  Naugatuck Industrial Park.  (Dorsal Summer Azume 1st)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Satyrium hairstreaks, Gunntown Passive Park, Naugatuck, 6/26/15

Inspired by Peter DeGennaro's report we visited Gunntown Passive Park in Naugatuck this afternoon (6/26/15) and found many Satyrium hairstreaks, esp Striped, Hickory, and Banded.  A few record shots:

Striped Hairstreak 6/26/15

Banded Hairstreak

Hickory Hairstreak 6/26/15

Striped Hairstreak 6/26/15

6/26/15-6/28/15 Shell Ave PIPL family of 3; then Re-nests!

The adults re-nested.  Photos of male from 6/26/15 show him in a declivity which is actually a nest with 4 eggs.  Quite unusual for PIPL to have new clutch while rearing a chick.
Fledgling and male PIPL, Shell Ave, 6/28/15.  Tire track from bike tire.
Fledge, Shell Ave, 6/28/15

Dad Shell 6/28/15

Fledge Shell 6/28/15

Fledge Shell 6/28/15
On 6/27/15, trio still present in front of 61 Shell Ave.  Below, the well developed fledgling.
61 Shell Ave 6/27/15

61 Shell Ave 6/27/15
6/26/15 Shell Ave PIPL family of 3.  Today found both adults tending the fledgling at 61 Shell Ave in Milford.  We've been wrong to think the lone tender of the past few days was the male: it's the female.  Photos below show the whole family, with the male easy to separate from the female.  Notice the fledgling's flight feather stretch.
female PIPL adult of 61 Shell, 6/26/15

male PIPL adult of 61 She'll Avenue, Milford 6/26/15

fledgling of 61 Shell Ave, Milford 6/26/15

adult male and fledgling taking cover in depressions in the sand, Shell Ave 6/26/15

Saturday, June 20, 2015

PIPL Shell Ave, Milford Pt, May 2015

Shell Ave chick 6/22/15

Shell Ave chick 6/22/15

Shell Ave adult 6/22/15
Views of PIPL, mainly chicks, in May 2015.
Shell Ave PIPL chick 6/20/15
Shell Ave chick 6/20/15
Shell Ave chick, 6/20/15
Shell Ave chick, 3.5 wks old, 6/20/15
Male PIPL tending chick Shell Ave 6/20/15
Ava & Rebecca installing exclosure for renesting 6/18/15 Mlfd Pt sandbar

female Mlfd Pt 6/18/15

male Mlfd Pt 6/18/15

wings up adult Mlfd Pt 6/18/15
6/14/15 2 adults with remaining chick, Shell Ave

Thursday, June 18, 2015

6/18/15 Milford Pt basic plumaged LETE, Long-tailed Duck

6/18/15 Milford Pt LETE, Lont-tailed Duck.  On 6/18/15 we found a basic plumage LETE sitting on the main sandbar with the other LETE.  First basic plumage (probably 1st yr--see Sibley and BNA) we've found here.  Long-tailed Duck at Mlfd Pt probably ill or injured.

Basic plumage LETE with alternate plumage LETE.  Milford Pt. 6/18/15

Green Heron hunting MondoPonds, 6/18/20

Green Heron Mondo Ponds, 6/18/20

Long-tailed Duck w/ Amoy Mlfd Pt 6/18/15

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Shell Ave PIPL, May/June 15

Shell Avenue PIPL, May/June 2015.  3 chicks hatched around 5/27/15, but two were lost a few days later, probably to Fish Crows.  A single hatchling has survived until at least 6/17.