Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gimpy 7/26; LETE juv 7/24;juv AMOY, juv LETE

Gimpy was found by monitor Elizabeth M-G on Silver Sands on 7/25/14; found him back on E Broadway today, 7/26/14 (in line with Maddox Ave).  Also shown below, juveniles of two of the other target species for monitoring by the Audubon Alliance for Coastal Waterbirds: Least Tern and American Oystercatcher, both of which bred on the sandbars at Milford Point in 2014.
7/24/14 juvenile Least Tern Milford Pt

Adult male Long-tailed Duck, Mlfd Pt, 7/24/14

Juvenile AMOY, 7/24/14 Mlfd Pt

Juv Least Tern 7/24/14 Mlfd Pt

Juv Least Tern, 7/24/14 Mlfd Pt

Gimpy E Bway, 7/26/14

Gimpy E Broadway 7/26/14

Gimpy E Broadway 7/26/14

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/24/14 PIPL Gimpy 849 E Broadway

Today, 7/23/14, Gimpy was foraging in the wrack and at the water in line with 849 East Broadway.  His family (adult male and 3 siblings) left 2 days ago, but he has remained.  He flies well.  We hope he will be able to migrate south.  A few record shots from this morning:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/19/14 Bent of the River CBA Himmelman

A few photos from the Bent of the River CBA field trip led by John Himmelman on 7/19/14, a cloudy but productive day.  Common Wood Nymph most common leo of the day.
John Himmelman with Pandorus Sphinx on hose, 7/19/14, Bent of the River

Prometheus Moth caterpillar

Little Glassywing 7/19/14 Bent

Deleware Skipper Bent 7/19/14

American Copper Bent 7/19/14

Halloween Dragonfly Bent 7/19/14

Thred-waisted wasp 7/19/14 Bent

Little Glassywing Bent 7/19/14

Common Wood Nymph 7/19/14

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Confused Haploa (Haploa confusa Bent 7/19/14 Peterson306

Crab Spider Bent 7/19/14

Arched Hooktip (Deprana arcuata) Peterson 176

The Bad-Wing (Dyspteris abortivaria) 7/19/14 Bent (Peterson 200)

Pandora Sphinx (Eumorpha pandorus) 7/19/14 Bent (Peterson  264)
Dun Skipper 7/19/14 Bent

Dogbane Leaf Beetle 7/19/14 Bent

7/20/14 Shell PIPL

Day 34 for the Shell PIPL, all together still.
Shell Ave juv, 7/20/14

Gimpy 7/20/14 Enlarge to see his 2 "toenails"

Gimpy 7/20/14

Gimpy 7/20/14

Gimpy sibling 7/20/14

Gimpy sibling 7/20/14

Gimpy 7/20/14 in movement

Dad, 7/20/14 Shell Ave

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shell PIPL, 7/16/14

Around 2:00mPM, 7/16/14, aftr storms, thePIL family at 69-75 Shell Ave.  Gimpy now hops on one leg.  Photos show sheltering PIPL.  They'e now 30 days old.
7/16/14 Gimpy's 3 siblings

7/16/14Gimpy's 3 siblings

2 of Gimpy's siblings 7/16/14

Gimpy 7/16/14

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shell PIPL 7/13/14 wing stretching

This morning's PIPLs were wing-stretching at 61 Shell (Jardin des Tuileries); Gimpy and 3 siblings watched over by male.  At distant water's edge, a line of 9 Black-crowned Night-Heron.
7/113/14 Gimpy (in back) and sibling resting at 61 Shell

Dad in front of the 4 kids 7/13/14

27 days old stretches wing, 7/13/14 61 Shell

Gimpy 7/13/14 61 Shell

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gimpy PIPL, 7/12/14 Shell Ave, home Monarch

first Monarch this year in garden, 7/11/14

A record shot of Gimpy, the Shell Ave PIPL chick, now 26 days old (born 6/16/14).  His leg is enlarged; foot deformed from birth.  S(he) and his siblings are now tended by the male only; the female left about 4 days ago.  Also, a few views of our first Monarch in this very slow year for them (as was last year):

Gimpy at 26 days old in front of 61 Shell

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black Tern, LETE ck, Least SP, Mlf Pt 7/10/14

A few of the birds at Milford Point this AM (7/10/14) during shorebird survey.  Unusual birds were a Black Tern on a sandbar with about 16 COTEs; also, a pair of Brant.  Good to see were a couple of LETE chicks.  On sandbar, 75-90 Semipalmated SPs.  First, Least Sandpipers at Silver Sands SP on 7/9/14.  Reverse migration well underway.
Least Sandpiper, Silver Sands SP, 7/9/14 worn breeding

Least SPs, SSSP, 7/9/14, worn breeding Nettleton Pond 

Black Tern with COTEs, Milford Point sandbar, 7/10/14

LETE ck and adult, 7/10/14 Francis St spit

LETE ck 7/10/14 Francis St spit

Least SP, 7/10/14 Mlf Pt sandbar

cryptic Least Tern k, 7/10/14 Francis St spit


Juvenile PIPL, Francis St spit 7/10/14