Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/30/14 Blue-winged Teal, Bufflehead, Vermillion Flycatcher Demuth Park, PS

Many birds in Demuth Park this afternoon, cloudy and percolation pond #1 full of water.  Many ducks including newcomers, Blue-winged Teal and Bufflehead.  Also, at least one new Vermillion Flycatcher.  A few record shots below.
Blue-winged Teal, Demuth Park, 1/30/14

Vermillion Flycatcher, Demuth Park, 1/30/14

Blue-winged Teal, Demuth Park, 1/30/14

Bufflehead, Demuth Park, 1/30/14

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Becker's White, Oak Titmouse, W Scrub Jay Big Morongo 1/29/14

Record shots from today's walk in the Big Morongo Valley:

Adult Pacific Western Scrub Jay

Becker's White

Oak Titmouse

Anna's Hummingbird

Brewer's Sparrow, Joshua Tree NP, 1/28/14

At Joshua Tree NP, 1/18/14, a few record shots of Brewer's Sparrow, not easily separated from Clay-colored.  Also Sage Thrasher record shot.
Brewer's Sparrows, 1/28/14 Joshua Tree NP

Sage Thrasher, Joshua Tree NP, 1/28/14

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mt Bluebird , 1/26/14; Mountain Chickadee, Pygmy Nuthatch, Palm Springs tram top 1/27/14

 Mountain Bluebird, Rte 11 on way to Big Morongo, 1/26/14--flock of about 25.  Mountain Chickadee, Pygmy Nuthatch from area around top of Palm Springs tram, 1/27/14.
Mountain Bluebird, 1/16/14

Pygmy Nuthatch, Palm Springs tram top 1/27/14

Mountain Chickadees, Palm Springs tram top 1/27/14

Pygmy Nuthatch, 1/27/14, Palm Springs Tram top

Williamson's Sapsucker 1/27/14

A few record photos of Williamson's Sapsucker at the top of the Palm Springs Tram today, 1/27/14:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peregrine; Snow, Blue, Ross's Geese; Burrowing, Barn Owls 1/24-25/14

A few record shots, mainly from the South Salton Sea on 1/25/14

Barn Owl, 1/25/14 Salton Sea

Burrowing Owls, 1/25/14 Salton Sea

Burrowing Owl, 1/25/14 Salton Sea
Snow and Ross's Geese, Salton Sea, 1/25/14

Avocet, 1/25/14 Salton Sea

Black-necked Stilt, 1/15/14 Salton Sea

Snow Geese, White and Dark (Blue Goose) morph, 1/25/14 Salton Sea
Peregrine Falcon, 1/24/14, Wild Bird Center, Indio

Snow Geese, 1/25/14 Salton Sea

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher; Abert's Towhee, 1/21/14; 1/22/14

On 1/21/14, found a gnatcatcher in Andreas Canyon (one of the Indian Canyons in Palm Springs), but awaited a good look at the photo to make sure it was a Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.  Field marks separating it from our eastern Blue-gray and other western gnatcatchers include the small black streak over the eye (indicating a nonbreeding adult male) and the undertail pattern (see Sibley, p. 396-98).   In our yard today was a singing Abert's Towhee.
Abert's Towhee, 1/22/14 Palm Springs yard

Abert's Towhee, 1/22/14 Palm Springs yard

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, 1/21/14 Andreas Canyon, Palm Springs

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Greater White-fronted, Cackling Geese; Vermillion Fly, Pipit

A few pictures from a walk around Demuth Park this afternoon, 1/20/14
3 Cackling with Canada Geese 1/20/14

Cackling Goose behind Canada Goose, 1/20/14
Greater White-fronted Goose, 1/20/14

2 of 4 Cackling Geese, 1/20/14
American Pipit, Demuth Park, 1/20,14 (one of flock of 31)

California Ground Squirrel, Demuth Park, 1/20/14

4 Cackling Geese with 3 Canada, 1/20/14

Vermillion Flycatcher, 1/20/14 Demuth Park

Vermillion Flycatcher, 1/20/14 Demuth Park

Vermillion Flycatcher, 1/20/14 Demuth Park

4 Cackling Geese with Canadas, 1/20/14

Cackling Goose, 1/20/14, Tahquitz Creek Golf Course, Palm  Springs

Cattle Egret, 1/20/14, Palm Springs recycling center