Friday, June 16, 2017

PIPL chick and others, Milford Point 6/15, 6/16/17

Below, one of 4 3-day old chicks at Shell Avenue, tended by 2 adults.  First photo shows adult sheltering a chick; next, a chick; finally, the male in portrait.

adult male PIPL sheltering chick, 5/16/17 

Shell Ave chick, 6/16/17

male PIPL, Shell Ave, 6/16/17

Below, a PIPL chick, so far the only one, ar Milford Point 6/15/17.  Most shorebirds have moved north to breed.

Semipalmated Sandpiper, Milford Point 6/15/17

Black Duck male and female, Milford Point 6/15/17

PIPL male, Milford Point 6/15/17

Semipalmated Sandpipers and Least Tern, Milford Point 6/15/17

Piping Plover chick, 8 days old, Milford Point, 6/15/17

PIPL adult male, 6/15/17 Milford Point

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